psychic student

In no direction, as we press forward exploring the mysteries of Nature, may we expect to attain finality.

Broad principles may be firmly established and at first they seem to be clearly outlined. Search for

detail soon renders the outline shadowy without suggesting any distrust of the broad principle.

During this life we are each of us"imprisoned in the five senses," and, though thought reaches out far

beyond them, its range is limited by the capacity of the physical brain. In time that capacity will

expand. Ideas easily grasped by the man of modern culture are beyond the comprehension of the savage.

The improved intellectual mechanism of future generations will no doubt deal freely with conceptions

which present culture cannot appreciate. Spiritual science, however, is an infinitude, and no attempt to

interpret it in physical plane language will ever be more than suggestive and alluring.

The genuine psychic student will never stand still. Henry V., preparing for battle at Agincourt,declared that

 :If it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive." And the psychic student may think of knowledge

 the true knowledge, the comprehension and appreciation of Divine manifestation in the same heroic spirit.